Freshen Up Your Spring Outfit: Your Ultimate 2024 Spring Jewelry Style Guide

Freshen Up Your Spring Outfit: Your Ultimate 2024 Spring Jewelry Style Guide

I've got the keys to unlocking your spring outfit and a guide that will show you how to choose the correct accessories to accent and upgrade your look! 

This all began a couple of weeks ago before I donated about 3 drawers worth of outdated jewelry pieces and a lot of old clothing that either I hadn't worn in decades or ones that no longer fit my current style aesthetic.

Although, I have kept some vintage jewelry pieces that were either heirlooms or timeless pieces that I know will get either reworn or up-cycled.  'Tis the season for SPRING CLEANING, REBIRTH, REFRESHING and more!  But, If you're not ready to do throw out the old and embrace the new, this guide will at least give you some tips on how to style and accent your outfit and express your authentic style this season.

To sum up my research and free guide, "Maximalist" is the word for this season! Larger-than-life accessories are definitely taking over this year! 

Check out my free jewelry guide here and tell me what you think in the comments.

Always wear what speaks to you but if you need guidance in expressing your authentic style, here are some tips and take-aways:

1. Don't throw everything out! Save your brooches, pearl jewelry, chokers, fine vintage jewelry, and "retro" 80's and 90's jewelry because they will be adorning the ears, necks and wrists of all the trendsetting women this season and for the rest of 2024.

2. Think big, bold, chunky jewelry and cuffs this season.

3. Layered long pendant chains, suspended stone and crystal necklaces are making a strong statement this season! 

4. The cookie cutter statement earrings are of the past! Artistic, sculptured and expressive newly-shaped earrings are IN!

5. Feminine fabric jewelry and  "girly" fashion trends from bow earrings and barrettes to floral brooches and oversized flower stud earrings will elevate your spring outfit.

6. Delicate and dainty jewelry is great to wear for everyday but, maximalist accessories, bigger bags and belts will take your outfit to the next level. 

7. Silver is every girls' best friend right now! Hammered, shiny or chrome. Mixed metals and mixed-match jewelry is the shift that is happening as-we-speak! 

8. And finally, watches are jewelry too and they are having their moment right now! As functional as it is wearing our smart watches, it's time to swap them for "smarter" delicate gold watches and even ring watches. Oversized watches are OUT but "stacking" smaller gold ones is IN!

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Question: How are you embracing this season of new beginnings and what are you throwing out? Let me know in the comments.
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