Our Story

Am I the only woman who has been underestimated?

Felt unseen? Unheard even?

Then you are definitely in the right place! I hate feeling like that and I guess I've always wanted to overcome feeling invisible. You too?
My name is Sunni Dineen "Sunni D." and Sunni Dineen Handcrafted Design is my brand and namesake and I believe that jewelry and design have the transformative power to evoke a strong sense of personal expression, style and tell your unique story. And, I believe that when you feel seen and heard, you feel stronger and beautiful and are empowered to express yourself unapologetically, and are therefore, able to empower others. 

Why You'll Be "Seen" Here

Sunni Dineen Handcrafted Design is built on 5 Core Values:
1. Empowerment
2. Authenticity
3. Faith
4. Connection
5. Quality
What sets Sunni Dineen Handcrafted Design apart from other brands is that my brand is my divine purpose and gift that I have the privilege of sharing with you. My divine purpose alone is the spiritual compass that guides me on this faith-filled journey of entrepreneurship and aligns perfectly with its core values and what I hold dear. Creating designs and being able to share them with you really is the icing on the cake because it fosters a deeper connection between us by being able to hear each other and tell our own unique story together.
And, to be honest, these designs will be conversation starters. They will make a statement way before you have a chance to share your story.  So, if you're looking for a brand that is transparent, authentic, and relatable, look no further!

My Why

So, yeah. Crafting and art is in my DNA. My late grandmother was a hobbyist and crafter. And my Dad, who passed away recently, was not only an accomplished self-taught artist, he was the main inspiration and the reason why I decided to get out of my way, face my fears of failure, and turn my passion of creating functional and wearable art into Sunni Dineen Handcrafted Design.
I first began creating designs for me because I couldn't find what I wanted nor could I afford everything I wanted. Being inspired by my father's legacy of creativity, talent, craftsmanship and operating in excellence, and from the support of family and a tribe of like-minded female entrepreneurs, I transformed my hobby  and passion into a  purpose-filled business. And, here we are!

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