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Sunni Dineen Handcrafted Design

Iris 2

Iris 2

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Introducing "Iris 2": <meaning "Flower">: the perfect blend of art and bold style; handmade lightweight statement earrings that feature oversized, organic-shaped stud earrings with a floral silhouette with a handmade "faux-pearl" inside.  Let your personality shine with these uniquely crafted earrings. (Earrings only, personality not included!)

Size: 2"

Store in enclosed muslin jewelry bag or in a dry environment.

Avoid liquids. Do not wear in water.

You may clean earrings with a soft towel or micro fiber if you should get makeup on your design.

Polymer Clay is durable and somewhat flexible; However, it does have a breaking point. If dropped or bent too far, your design will break.

Please note that these designs are handcrafted and slow made, and that there may be slight variations in your design compared to photos.

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